Lilium comes second in 'LinkedIn Top Startups of 2019'

Earlier this month we celebrated being placed second in LinkedIn’s ‘Top Startups 2019’ in Germany.

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With a series of exciting announcements behind the company - and ahead - it’s been a big year for Lilium. Earlier this month we celebrated being placed second in LinkedIn’s ‘Top Startups 2019’ in Germany. The LinkedIn data analysis team evaluated actions by more than 645 million LinkedIn members to make their list. They focused on four areas of performance: employment growth, interest in job opportunities, user interactions with the company and its employees, and recruiting talent from companies on the list of LinkedIn Top Companies.

From the very beginning, Lilium’s vision has been to deliver a revolutionary mode of transport that will allow people to fly wherever they want, whenever they want. For us that has always meant putting the human right at the very center of everything we do, whether that’s our customers or our own employees (sometimes known as Lilians!).

Our vision has attracted some of the best talent from across the globe, and, with a team of 300 colleagues that come from more than 40 different countries and cultures, it’s a diverse and inclusive workforce too. Together, we form a team that is stronger than the sum of its parts and is ready to tackle the big challenges we have ahead of us.


Why is Lilium one of the top startups to work for?

  • A meaningful purpose - We believe that the technology we are developing can, and must, benefit society as a whole as well as the individual. Our vision is to create an affordable mode of transport that everyone can access and enjoy with minimal impact on the environment.
  • An inclusive culture - Lilium is made up of a team of more than 350 colleagues that come from more than 40 different countries and cultures. This makes Lilium a very special place where people are valued for their professionalism and personal authenticity. We are one team which functions like a family, working towards a common purpose.
  • A daring challenge - We are doing something that has never been done before. We are defining a bold, new industry with a brand new type of aircraft and an innovative approach to delivering it. Being recognised as one of Germany’s top startups of 2019 reaffirms our belief that together we are working towards achieving something extraordinary and one that you can be a part of.


What jobs are currently on offer at Lilium?

Lilium continues to fulfil its role as a world class startup headlining change for positive impact. The Lilium Jet has the potential to positively impact the way people choose to live and travel all over the world, something everyone at Lilium is passionate about. The company attracts talent from every corner of the globe and welcomes those who want to challenge the norm and deliver something extraordinary.


What role could you play?

  • Engineering - Engineers constantly explore uncharted territory to deliver world class products in varied fields, from autonomous flight to propulsion.
  • Production - As we plan to design, manufacture and operate the Lilium Jet ourselves, there are a number of opportunities for people to join us in producing the Jet; everything from aircraft, battery and propulsion assembly and composite production, through to industrial management, logistics and factory management, and production planning.
  • Quality control - Safety and quality will always be critically important to us. From aircraft maintenance to independent systems monitoring, this team plays a central role in making the Lilium Jet a reality.
  • People - Our people matter most at Lilium and this team sits at the heart of that. Specializing in recruitment, learning and development, analytics, compensations and benefits, as well as internal communications.
  • Finance - The expertise in this vitally-important team ranges from legal, finance, tax, treasury and controlling, to ERP, audit, and IT.
  • Commercial - From product design to marketing, and infrastructure to public affairs, this team is made up of a diverse set of professionals who also deliver on digital technology, airline operations and corporate development.


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